SOK Archives
"It's not just the photo,
it's the story that goes along with it!"


SOK Photo Archiving ServicesSOK Archives was started out of a need to find a more efficient way to preserve our own photos, documents, and treasured memories. As the family historians, we collected family treasures that date back to the 1800’s. These treasures are not only important to us, but are a part of the historical archives of our family members that span across the nation.

We needed to find a convenient and efficient way to preserve and store these treasures other than large unorganized boxes packed away in attics and basements. There was a need to Scan, Organize, Keep, and Archive these assets to share them with the generations to come before the stories connected to them became distant memories. Yet, the idea of packing them up and sending them out to be digitized seemed daunting. Who could we trust with our family treasures? Were we sure to get them back?

“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.”

As we shared our story, we recognized that others needed to do the same with their family treasures. SOK Archives was born! 

SOK Archives is a unique business model specializing in individual attention in organizing and scanning your personal treasures. You no longer need to package your photos up in a box, ship them off, hoping “they” got it right and you get your cherished memories back. We offer many solutions from in-home to in-studio service, where together we organize your treasures, decide what to keep, and scan them into digital files that you can easily share with other family and friends for your lifetime plus 100 years.

photo storageWith modern technology, there are many ways we can assist you in preserving your memories, whether those memories are hours or centuries old. Together we will determine the right solution to tell your story. 

By relying on our years of professional experience, we take the concepts of running a successful project and apply them to assisting clients with organizing their family memories. In addition, our formal education and professional experience in training and development provides us with the knowledge to assist clients in learning new skills to improve their efficiency in modern day technology that can assist in preserving family memories.

SOK Archives will help you with photo scanning and online picture storage services. Let us help you organize your family's photo treasures. Contact us to find out how to Scan, Organize, & Keep your treasured memories.

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